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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bodybuilder"A lot of men don’t realize this, but you produce estrogen as well. Most of us associate this hormone with the women, and they do produce a lot larger amount than men do, but that does not mean that you do not produce estrogen of your own.

The sad part is that estrogen really provides very little if any benefit for a man. That is why many turn to Androsurge – #1 estrogen blocking supplement for men on Amazon. This can really help you to resolve this issue.

Why so many turn to Androsurge is because this is been clinically tested and proven to reduce the amount of estrogen that a male produces, ensuring that free testosterone levels in the body increase naturally.

Estrogen counteracts the effects of testosterone, which is something that a male needs if he is going to improve performance, get stronger, and even feel more masculine and other areas of his life. Testosterone is the key, and the last thing that a man wants is a female hormone standing and though I have that. Of course, it’s not only a female hormone, but you get the point.

Androsurge does an incredible job of regulating the proper amount of estrogen and testosterone levels in your body, which will help you to improve the amount of muscle growth you have as well as help you to lose fat.

If you are a person who is really looking to bulk up and get the body that you been desiring, then Androsurge is exactly what you been looking for. In no time at all you will see the positive results, feel better about yourself, and be ready to see your life improve in countless ways. Check it out on Amazon and find out why so many men are deciding this is the solution for them.

A Guide To Gold IRA Rollover

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gold ira rollover"Almost all the people in this world prefer to have a retirement account which is very beneficial for their retirement savings. There are many ways to invest in your retirement account in form of currency, assets, bonds, shares and stocks. But all these investments have their own risks and own advantage. All these investments can provide you with huge money or they may result in losing all your investment in case of inflation, economic uncertainty, and currency devaluation. The best way to secure your retirement savings is transferring your IRA account to your Gold IRA account. You can visit https://www.focusontheuser.org/gold-ira-rollover/ for more details regarding the Gold IRA rollover account.

Rollover your IRA accounts to gold IRA account is also very beneficial in saving yourself from paying extra taxes.

Roll over vs. transfer

In rollover process, all your money is paid to you from your IRA account and then you have to deposit the money or funds in another account to secure your savings. In roll over process, all your savings are handed over to you and you get to see and handle the physical money where as in case of transfer, all the money and funds are transferred from one account to another account. The custodian makes the transfer of his entire savings from his account to the receiver’s designated account. All the transfer is done electronically and both the parties never get to see the money in physical state.

Gold IRA rollover rules

In case of Gold IRA roll over, there is a time limit of 60 days in which you have to deposit and receive all the funds in your Gold IRA account. If the transactions are not made within these 60 days, then the whole amount becomes taxable and a penalty of 10% is introduced on you.

A Review Of 100k Factory Revolution

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "online business"100k Factory Revolution is a third party based program which can help you by providing you guidance in how to make 100,000$ of revenue on a yearly basis. This program provides the people with various internet strategies and disciplines that can help them in making huge money on their own. 100k Factory Revolution review states that many students and people have participated in this program and they have made huge money in internet marketing and sales. So, those who have the interest in online marketing can undergo this program and make money out of it.

The two successful versions of this program have already been released in the market for the people to sharpen their business skills. They provide you with definite tools and right training using which you can make your business grow and successful. Their software features following things that you can use for your better consideration.

The content repository: This a kind of library which is filled with resources that you can use to enhance your e-commerce website. These resources are plug-ins and pop-ups that are very beneficial for your website.

The Conversion Optimization Engine: This feature allows the users to customize the pop-ups, in-form integration, split test controls and many other features depending upon the usage of the user.

The website factory: This feature allows you to build website using wordpress on which you can add the content and other material according to yourself. You can add facebook ads with the help of traffic generating software, and search engines such as Google. These things when combined together can divert a good amount of traffic towards your website.

They provide training and guidance with the help of pdf files and pre recorded videos. They also provide live training sessions on Skype in which they guide you on how to use tools and other things to attract maximum number of traffic towards your business.

Interesting Facts about Pebble Beach and Monterey, California

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Pebble Beach and Monterey"The Chinese were the first settlers in Pebble Beach where they established a fishing village. Point Joe is named after a Chinese fisherman, and is a place where many ships were wrecked in the early 1800s. And right next to this is the meeting place of the sea and the bay which causes constant discontent among the waves – it is known as the Restless Sea.


Lots of movies were filmed on location in Monterey, the most famous ones being, From here to Eternity, National Velvet, Play Misty for me, Basic Instinct, East of Eden and Lassie come Home. Monterey was also a place where a lot of things were done first – for instance, the first theatre was built there, the first public school was opened here and the first printing press for the newspaper, The Californian was operated here.


And if you are a wine lover, Monterey countryside grows more Chardonnay grapes than the rest of California. And it was chosen as 2013’s “Top Ten Wine Destination” by Wine Enthusiast magazine. There are 400 wine farms in Monterey and 150 of them offer wine tasting sessions.

Most of the wine is sold in Cannery Row at “A Taste of Monterey”.


Many well-loved authors live in and around Monterey and Pebble Beach. Some of them are Joh Steinbeck, Henry Miller and Robert Louis Stevenson. If you are a lover of their books, perhaps you can find out where they live and see if it is anywhere near 4048 Sunridge – maybe there is a house in the vicinity of one of theirs for you to buy or even rent for a while – renting would be better than nothing wouldn’t it?


And by the way, John Steinbeck’s book Cannery Row was immortalised when the name of  Ocean View Avenue was changed to “Cannery Row” in 1958. If you have not read the novel, it is a good read and is about the fishing culture in the early years in Monterey. Very thought provoking and very interesting.  Most of the fishing in these days was the canning of salmon and sardines. World War 1 brought about a huge need for canned foods and as fish is a very nourishing nutrient they were very popular as food for the troops.

Why Most Dieters Fail: The Science of Weight Loss

Overall, research indicates that it is extremely difficult to lose weight and keep it off because most weight loss approaches are in conflict with genetic predispositions and the body’s natural survival strategies.

Weight is Regulated by Biology Rather than Will Power

There is a tendency in our society to ascribe moral superiority to the thin and to view being overweight as the result of a lack of will power or strength of character. However, the reality is very different.

For one thing, the assumption that all people experience hunger and the need to eat in the same way is false. Different balances of certain hormones such as Leptin (which signals satiety), basal metabolic rate (how fast calories are burned), and other biological predispositions actually create a more intense need to eat in those who have a tendency to gain weight. Most people are overweight due to a strong, inherited physiological disposition rather than weakness of will.

Twin studies have shown that even when a twin is adopted by a thin family with moderate eating habits, if his or her biological parents are obese, the child will most likely become obese as well. The tendency toward obesity is inherited, and so to treat overweight people as though they are at fault for the situation is extremely unfair.

Very Thin People Also Suffer Medical Problems and Die Young

There is a common misconception that thin people are always healthier than those who are overweight. However, statistics indicate that although the severely obese do suffer more medical problems and die younger, the very thin do as well. From a health perspective, it is actually better to be moderately overweight than very thin.

There is also a pervasive myth that a person cannot be fit and fat. The reality is that many of those classified as overweight are far fitter than their skinny counterparts. A physically active overweight person who gets plenty of cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercise will be far healthier than a skinny inactive person. Overall health and fitness are related more strongly to exercise levels than to weight, unless weight falls to one extreme or the other.

Extreme Low-Carb Diets Usually Don’t Work in the Long Run

People do lose weight initially on low-carb diets, as they do on many fad diets. However, most hit a plateau and then the weight usually comes back on as the body attempts to protect itself from perceived starvation.

The trouble with extreme diets is that dieters cannot maintain the excessively low caloric intake. Unless a person has superhuman will power, it is impossible to continue with what basically amounts to borderline starvation indefinitely. Cravings for more calorific foods increase until inevitably, the dieter falls off the wagon. And because the dieter’s metabolism has slowed in response to the low caloric intake, weight comes on more easily than ever.

Successful Strategies for Weight Loss Require Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Despite high failure rates for diets, there are many people who take weight off and keep it off for life. Those who succeed do so by making significant lifestyle changes and choosing diets that they can maintain for life. This often means that weight loss is slower and less dramatic, but it is more inclined to last.

The key to long-term weight loss is to make lifestyle changes that can be maintained indefinitely. As such, extremely low calorie counts and excessive exercise routines are not realistic strategies. Instead, dieters should aim for slow, steady weight loss that will not decrease their metabolic rate. They should increase their metabolic rate through regular exercise and building muscle, while decreasing their daily calories only slightly.

The difference between an obese body and a thin one is usually just a few hundred calories per day. Thus, implementing a few small changes in routine can have big results in the long run. Good strategies include:

  • Cutting back the sugar in baking by half and using low-fat or fat-free baking substitutes
  • Replacing products made with refined flour with whole grain products, which are more nutritious and create a feeling of fullness that lasts longer
  • Decreasing portions slightly to shave up to 100 calories off each meal
  • Trimming or draining fat from meats or choosing lean cuts
  • Using herbs and spices rather than fatty dressings and toppings
  • Baking, braising, and steaming rather than frying
  • Not keeping high-calorie snack foods, soft drinks, or alcoholic beverages in the house
  • Strength training to build muscle in order to increase resting metabolism

Healthy weight loss is slower than weight loss obtained through fad diets, but the weight is far less likely to come back, and the health consequences are positive rather than negative. However, if you wonder: does 3 week diet work, the answer is YES! As in the old story of the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise wins the race in the end.