Need for facial Epilators

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"Facial hair is a natural occurrence in women.  It serves no specific purpose in the face and often looks unsightly and gives one an unkempt look.  Initially women used threading, tweezing and waxing as effective means of hair removal; these methods come with their own advantages and disadvantages.  While waxing can give one relatively smooth skin and the results may last up to 40-45 days, waxing comes with the risk of infections and possibly burns, if not done properly.  Besides, one needs to wait for the hair to grow back to reasonable length, before going in for another session. Threading is often considered a much better procedure as compared to waxing.  It is comparatively less painful and the skin is usually free from ingrown hairs, afterwards.  However, the mere action of yanking the hair off from the follicles may trigger an attack of acne, especially for people prone to it or those with sensitive skin.

Of late, laser therapy has become a common method that a lot of women opt for, as it brings with it, the promise of permanent hair removal.  Laser treatments are very common cosmetic procedures in the West and are slowly gaining popularity in the East too.  The United States is one of the biggest markets for laser cosmetic procedures. One would need anywhere between 3 sessions to about 6-7 sessions for almost completely arresting further hair growth. However, lasers are expensive and not everyone could afford these treatments.

As for the traditional treatments of waxing and threading, these are best done by a professional in a salon, for best results.  Of course, several wax strips are available commercial which one can buy and use at home but these need to be used correctly for optimal results.  What is needed, then, is a product that balances the economy of either a threading or waxing and still gives reasonably good results.  This is where facial epilators play a crucial role.  No matter, how the facial hair is, whether fine or coarse, epilators work well with both. And are probably one of the best grooming aids a woman can invest in!