7 Computer Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Computers are vital components of our everyday life. Even though they shouldn’t be doing so, they are the first thing most people stare at when awake and the last thing before going to bed.

We can do a lot on the computer system; we can watch videos, post videos, and play video games. We use them to shop for items and read reviews about various businesses on review sites like ReviewsBird.com. Computers are tightly wound around our lives.

Since computers take so much of our time, it is only normal we know some tips and tricks that can help us get things done faster, or are just cool to use. Here are a few:

  1. Getting Your PC Connected

Do you need to get your PC online? When many people want to connect their PC to the internet, they opt for the longer route of searching for the settings program to do it because it feels more descriptive. That is not how the pros save time using a computer. On most computers, there are icons usually at the bottom corner of the screen to the right or top-right-corner of the screen that can help you efficiently do just that.

  1. The Clipboard

On most computers, there is a clipboard function that works similarly to how real-world clipboards function. The handy copy and paste shortcuts only hold the last thing you copied. What if you need a text you copied two hours ago right now? Computers have clipboards that contain a lot of the information you’ve copied throughout the day. It would help if you searched for the function to activate it on your computer version.

  1. Switching Tabs in Browsers

If you happen to always have many tabs opened in your browser, then, you know moving the cursor to switch between specific ones can be daunting. There is a way you can go about it without using the pointer. Note the numerical number of that tab, and hit your computer’s unique key (ctrl on Windows, cmd on Macs) along with the numerical position, and you will find yourself there.

  1. Keep Your Files Safe

There is special software that can help you zip multiple files together and keep them safe. They have the option of keeping them locked with a password. Examples are WinRar and 7zip.

  1. Force a Shutdown

If your computer is acting up and everything is stuck, and it won’t even let you get to the shutdown or restart button, you can hold down the power button to turn it off. This is a brute method, and you can lose any unsaved files, but it is helpful.

  1. Quick Screenshotting on Windows

You can make screenshots of your current screen without downloading any particular app on windows. There is a default app called snipping tools. You also don’t have to open the app manually. You can just hit the windows key plus shift and key ‘S’, and it will open up the snipping tool.

  1. Super Minimize

Sometimes, you want to go to the desktop to open an application, but having many apps open and minimizing them would take some time. You can do a super minimize, which minimizes everything at once. You can search for how to do it for your preferred operating system.

These tips and tricks will begin to help you use the computer in a different, more efficient way.