Digital Safety and Security Training Consultant (National only ) – Myanmar

Consultancy Announcement

Title of Consultancy: Digital Safety and Security Training Consultant

  1. Background

ActionAid is a global federation working for a world free from poverty and injustice. ActionAid Myanmar is working in the country since Nargis in 2008. To achieve the global goal of a world free from poverty and injustice, AAM has been focusing on three priority goals: (1) the realization of rights, of women’s rights to participation, freedom from gender-based violence, and economic empowerment; (2) the redistribution of power and resources through good governance and civic participation; (3) developing the resilience of vulnerable communities to climate-related shocks and natural disasters.

ActionAid Myanmar’s approach is to build the capacities of Civil Society organizations and support them to participate and contribute towards their community development. ActionAid Myanmar has been working in partnership with local and national civil society organizations in different states and regions. Gender Responsive Humanitarian Response and Mechanism project aims to address gender-based violence and support local partners to enable them to operate in their community. In order to achieve this goal, the project will work with Women’s Rights Organizations and Women-Led organizations with demand-based grants and build their capacity, ensuring their leadership and addressing the urgent needs of their community.

AAM is seeking a service provider (individual or organization) to develop or customize training on digital safety and security to build the capacities of Civil Society Organizations for navigating digital space safely and conducting digital security training. This training will help CSOs with a deeper understanding of the risk and mitigation strategy in using the internet.

  1. Objectives of the Work
  • To assess the online risks for the AAM communities who are dependent on the internet.
  • Prepare a list of such risks and develop mitigation approaches.
  • Provide training for the communities on digital safety and security training.
  1. Scope of Work, Specific Duties and Responsibilities, Schedule of Work
  • Develop training agenda and training material in the Myanmar language.
  • Provide customized training to the communities on identified needs through an assessment on Digital Safety and Security in the Myanmar language.
  • Produce training report based on the evaluation of the training.
  1. Qualification Requirement
  • The ideal candidate/consulting firm will be experienced in conducting digital safety and security trainings.
  • The ideal candidate/consulting firm should be familiar with digital security in NGO sector of Myanmar.
  1. Education
  • Consultants leading this assignment should possess degree in computer science or any related degree in information technology and academic institution
  1. Experience
  • A Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience is required in digital safety and security trainings not only private sector but also NGOs field.
  1. Language
  • Fluency in Myanmar is preferred for the trainings with the local partners.
  • Ability to provide quality narrative report on the progress and after completing the assignment.
  1. Others
  • Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to digital context in Myanmar and to include in content.
  • Ability to deliver on time as committed and be responsive to all communications from AAM.

5.Expected Timeframe (to deliver this work)

Expected output


To complete the training for target attendees (20)

2nd or 3rd week of March 2023

6. Management/Reporting

  • Technical Advisor – Gender and Women’s Rights

How to apply

How to apply

The applicant is required to submit 1) CV, 2) A cover letter detailing their motivation in applying for this role and why they are the best suited candidate and 3) A draft budget for this consultancy and work sample not later than 5:00 pm, 17th February 2023 through the following email address: [email protected].

Application Deadline: 17th February 2023

Please note that due to high volume of application, we only contact shortlisted candidates for interview. ActionAid reserves the right to fill the post prior to the closing date if a suitable applicant is found beforehand.

ActionAid Myanmar is an equal opportunity employer and women are encouraged to apply. All AAM International and Myanmar Staffs/Consultants/Interns/Volunteers are required to sign and adhere with ActionAid’s SHEA and Safeguarding Policies at all times.