Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan never carries smartphone, says it is not useful for him

By Divya Bhati: Director Christopher Nolan has always been hailed for creating cinematic masterpieces. The upcoming biographical thriller, “Oppenheimer,” which is scheduled to release this week, is also speculated to be another gem from the British-American filmmaker. While all filmmakers have their styles for working on projects, what makes Nolan distinct is that, in the age of technology, he is not a fan of it. So and so that till date, he doesn’t carry a smartphone.

Nolan himself has quoted himself as tech-averse and revealed how he doesn’t carry a smartphone or use email and writes his scripts on a computer that has no internet. In a previous interview with People, Nolan also even acknowledged ditching the smartphone for the old traditional flip phone. “Kids would probably say I’m a complete Luddite” he quoted.

The director revealed that he gets distracted too easily and keeping himself away from the technology makes him away from being too “involved” to maintain focus on his work.”If I’m generating my material and writing my own scripts, being on a smartphone all day wouldn’t be very useful for me,” said Nolan.

Interestingly, Nolan recently revealed that he created Oppenheimer’ nuclear detonation without CGI. According to reports, Nolan did take help from computers to create the scene as the animations are soft and quite comfortable to look at. Instead, he shot the scene on sets to make it feel raw for users.

In other news, the movies “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie” are all set to release on July 21. However, amidst all the excitement surrounding the two highly-awaited films, scammers are reportedly deceiving users with enticing offers for limited-edition dolls and free movie streams. Many users have reportedly fallen for these scams and ended up providing their banking information.

Kaspersky researchers have discovered fraudulent websites offering enticing deals on Barbie dolls related to a movie release. These offers include limited-edition dolls, one of which features the lead actress Margot Robbie, at a discounted price of around 12 pounds. However, when users initiate the purchase, the website redirects them to another page with a form asking for personal information and banking details. During the process, Scammers are stealing both money and private data, posing financial risks and privacy concerns as the data may be sold on the Dark Web Market.

Not only are scammers targeting Barbie fans, but they are also focusing on the “Oppenheimer” opening, luring users with the promise of a free stream to deceive them into providing banking information. The scam starts with a small fee, like one dollar, for registration and then asks users to link their bank cards, allowing unauthorised debits that are difficult to cancel.

Security expert Olga Svistunova from Kaspersky advises users to be cautious during premieres and exciting events. She highlights the significance of following basic online safety rules. Though the movie experiences can be thrilling, it’s essential not to neglect the risks. By remaining vigilant and practising safe online habits, individuals can enjoy the Barbie and Oppenheimer experience while safeguarding themselves from cyber threats.